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I have found a fatal WPF bug that will shut your application down on the spot.
The problem resides around the CollectionVeiw class and INotifyCollectionChanged bound collection.

In the example uploaded I am updating an ObservableCollection every 10 milliseconds. And I have a DataGrid on a differente tab. Once I bring the tab into view or just scroll down on the grid, The WPF will just close.

I have found that the CollectionView, that is generated by the itemsource binding, is detecting a change in the source and is throwing the exception, Here is the problem with that. The CollectionView is Synced with the ObservableCollection through INotifyCollectionChanged. There is no reason to throw this exception. The list will sync back up.

If anyone knows a good solution to this issue please let me know.

The source code has a C# and a example.

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